Hi, I’m Susan


SusanFinchHeadshotI’m Susan Finch & I’ve been a professional freelancer for 15-years. I’ve worked as a writer, video editor, social media consultant, TV promo writer and Multimedia Director (to name a few).

My writing work has appeared in The LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Australian, Mothering, NY Metro Parents, Global Traveler, Amazing Wellness, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, xoJane, eight travel guidebooks and many other outlets.

This picture of me was taken when we took the kids to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a month in 2016 and worked remotely. It was challenging, fun, rewarding, exhilarating, crazy hard with a 13-month old and 4 1/2 year old, and an amazing family bonding adventure we couldn’t have experienced without our carefully planned freelance careers.

I don’t “have it all”. I just have a flexible income and lifestyle. That’s what we all deserve. You just don’t know it yet. And it doesn’t matter if you’re super busy, your kid just barfed on your laptop, health insurance is expensive (it’s already costing you an arm and a leg through your employer anyway), or you want to keep stealing free office supplies and sell them on eBay.

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None of that stuff matters because launching your own success is the ONLY form of job and lifestyle security.

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* Your “good enough job” to keep the kids fed could disappear tomorrow no matter how stable your company is or how loyal your boss seems.

* Your pay raises could grind to a halt, your health insurance costs could skyrocket, and all the little perks could dry up until you’re lucky to get a steaming cup of water for your coffee from the bathroom sink.

* You could suddenly find your role as a SAHM turn obsolete as your kids are home less and less and leading their own lives.

* You could suddenly realize your resume has a 12-year gap in it with no idea how to look relevant enough to launch a new career.

* Anything could happen.

The only thing that really matters is figuring out how to get started navigating the murky waters of launching your success and living the life/earning the money you want. All without missing those special parenting moments. Like spit-up and bed wetting.

Not sure where to start navigating your freelance life and side income stream? Sign-up for the Lucrative Work at Home Blueprint. Cheers!

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